Nepal still needs your help!


We have created a special account  (in USD, EUR, CZK) to collect finances to support children like Pradina, Prashnta and Prabin.  

We will use all resources transparently and keep you updated (even online once in Nepal or through our Nepali team) . Please help us to build new homes for Nepali children ! 

The Courage Journey team members in Nepal and their children and families lost their homes after the devastating earthquakes in April and May.  One of them are children of our leading guide and Sherpa Prem. His daughter Pradina (12) and twin sons Prashnta and Prabin (7) lost home already twice.  After the earthquake on 25.4. they remained in the street . We have helped them to get new room. Unfortunately the second big quake on May 12th left them in the street again.

Courage Journey team will travel to Nepal  mid-August. You can still join us on Courage Journey Himalayas 2015 – and help collect money and give a hand at re-building homes for children like Prashnta,  Prabin and Pradina.   

We will document and keep you all informed on how your help is being used  in Kathmandu and villages in Kathmandu valley and countryside.

Join us and support our initiative and project Home for Pradina, Prashnta and Prabin!






Thank you. धन्यवाद