At The Courage Journey we care deeply about our long-term impact on the Nepali communities where we work.

In 2016, we directly helped 250 children in remote poor rural areas, returning back to 3 schools in Dhading and the Muktinath nunnery. We are very grateful for the generosity of our friends who helped with us and our supporters at Craftholic CZ, 4bambini, and Herbadent for their wonderful in kind donations.

Do get in touch if you want to join us in making a big difference in the lives of Nepali children.

How we helped in Nepal 2016?                  

Reconstruction and social progress in Nepal will take time and we are committed to helping over the long-term. We have seen and discussed what the communities we visited need and plan to support them going forward. In 2016 we brought school uniforms and educational games to ~240 students in Dhading as well as warm winter jackets, plush cushions, educational games, and dental supplies to 10 orphan girls in Muktinath nunnery. As an integral part of The Courage Journey Himalayas leadership programme we also spent time with the children and teachers playing creative and educational activities.  

School uniforms & educational activities for students in 3 schools in Kalleri, Dhading district

We were delighted to visit Dhading again and to see that the children were still walking around with the Courage Journey school bags. A year and a half after the earthquakes the heavily damaged schools are being reconstructed with government and donor support. Nevertheless the children and schools still need help. Many students, especially girls, ether do not have school uniforms or have old, damaged ones. Having proper clothes, feeling warm and comfortable, is important for students' education and wellbeing.

In 2016, we therefore provided warm, waterproof school uniforms to ~240 students in the 3 schools. Every child had a uniform specially made for them and given directly into their hands. Thanks to support from 4bambini we brought fun, educational board games for the schools to bring a fresh approach to learning and thinking about self and the world. We also talked and painted with the children - it never ceases to surprise us how creative they are! 

Big thanks to Chhabi Rabhanat, our Nepali partner, and Deepak Bhujel, our Dhading coordinator, for their support in locally coordinating the making of the uniforms and our visit and for welcoming us to stay in the Dhading community. 

The schools we helped in are:

Shree Dhading Lower Secondary School - 137 students (58 girls & 79 boys)

Shree Panchkanya Primary School - 48 students (22 girls & 26 boys)

Shree Shivalaya Primary School - 52 students (22 girls & 30 boys)

Warm clothes and educational activities for orphan girls in Muktinath nunnery

Every year we visit Garge Chyoling nunnery in Muktinath (3,710m), where the nuns take care of and educate 10 orphan girls, aged 7-14 years. The girls did not have winter jackets (and it gets cold high up in the Himalayas!) and have few educational materials.

In 2016, we got all 10 girls warm down jackets to keep them warm through the winters. Thanks to Craftholic CZ we brought them fun, huggable plush cushions (they absolutely loved them!) to double up as cosy pillows and teddy bear friends. And thanks to Herbadent we also brought vital dental supplies (toothbrushes and toothpaste). Finally also thanks to our friends who sent games and puzzles and an air hostess from Air France, who - when she heard about the girls on our flight to Nepal - sent plenty of small creative and logical games for them.

As is tradition we spent several hours with the girls - talking, playing educational games, and painting. They are truly incredible girls. They are smart, eager to learn, kind, and always such an inspiration. 

Join us in helping Nepali children thrive!                

We have a transparent bank account where you can send your donations. We are hugely grateful for your support and will keep you updated on our activities. Please do get in touch with any questions or if you want to be a part of our efforts. Thank you, dhanyabad!

See our video below to meet the children we support: