Support to Nepal after devastating earthquake

We are deeply touched and saddened by the devastating earthquake in Nepal and by the terrible losses for the people, cultural heritage and infrastructure of Nepal.

Our hearts are with you all in Nepal. 

Right now the best way to help is to support emergency supplies and immediate rescue and aid for the victims by qualified relief professionals and locals. Our immediate support is to donate money to effective and efficient organisations, most often it is easier and cheaper for organisations to procure what is needed and distribute based on need. 

As Mathieu Riccard is our dear teacher one of the organisations working locally in Nepal that we especially support is - 100% of donations received by end of May go to help for Nepal. 

But help will continue to be needed after immediate relief efforts to rebuild sustainably. We will come and help. In Nepal this August - September with Courage Journey and looking for ways to continue helping more specifically.

Do get in touch if you want to join us or support our efforts.