Through our leadership programmes we want to make a tangible and sustainable social impact in the local communities where and with which we work. 

We believe that business can be an important source for good in the world. We aspire to make our activities inherently sustainable and address the 'triple bottom line' of people, planet and profits.

Our programmes integrate personal and leadership development and social impact organically. Social impact activities are not something that we do outside of our core business. They are an integral part of our curriculum and influence symmetrically both participants of our programmes and the local communities we work with.

To fund our impact activities we give our time, effort and own funds. But to make our plans a reality we also rely on generous donations from individuals and corporates. 

As part of the Courage Journey Himalayas we care deeply about our long-term impact on the Nepali communities where we work. Nepal ranks 98th on the Social Progress Index (2015) and accelerating inclusive growth remains a challenge for the country. The two major earthquakes that devastated Nepal in April and May 2015 further disrupted social and economic life. We focus on directly helping children in remote poor rural areas. 

We adhere to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which set a new action agenda to make the world a better place in the coming 15 years. In our impact activities we specifically address these goals:

  • Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong education (SDG 4)

  • Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls (SDG 5)

  • End poverty in all its forms everywhere (SDG 1)