At The Courage Journey we care deeply about our long-term impact on the Nepali communities where we work. 

In 2018, we directly helped almost 100 primary school children in Bhorle, in a remote poor rural area of Langtang, Nepal. We are very grateful for the generosity of our friends who helped with us - especially to the wonderful young family who sponsored the school bags and supplies! Big thanks also to Chhabi Rabhanat and Lakpa Sherpa, our partners from Traditional Treks, for their support in coordinating our visit locally and to Lakpa and his family for welcoming us to stay at their home whilst at the school.

With every step we were also supporting the bravest girl we know - Izabelka! In 2018 in the Himalayas we walked almost 190km and climbing over 2,000 floors up for Izabelka. Izabelka is a joyful 4 year old girl, suffering from spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), today an incurable and life limiting disease. But Izabelka doesn’t let this limit her dreams - she believes that one day she will walk ... go to school and run after boys 😁 the one place Izabelka can move freely is in water, so for every floor we climbed we fundraised money to help get her a swimming pool so she can exercise and have fun moving around.

You can still join us in supporting Izabelka - more info on Thank you, orche, dhanebat for all your support!!

How we helped in Nepal 2018?                  

We held a ‘Learn & Play’ day at the primary school in Bhorle in Langang, which has nearly 100 students and 4 teachers.

We brought school bags and stationary supplies for each of the children at the school, plus sports equipment and games for the school. We had a fantastic day being creative and playful with the students, teachers and the local community.

Where we helped in Nepal?

Bhorle is a small village in Langtang, nestled among picturesque hills and rice fields. It has one primary school which educates children from the village and surrounding areas, catering to up to 100 students. It’s quite a mission to make it to Bhorle, especially in times of heavy rain! It’s a ~2.5 hour walk from the main road and mud slides can be common. When we visited a giant mud slide took a big portion of the road to the village making it nearly impassable.