At The Courage Journey we care deeply about our long-term impact on the Nepali communities where we work.

In 2015, we directly helped 240 children primarily in remote poor rural areas, severely-affected by the devastating earthquakes in April and May. We are very grateful for the generosity of our friends who supported us. 

How we helped in Nepal in 2015?  

The devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake that hit Nepal this April 25, followed by another 7.3-magnitude earthquake on May 12, killed over 8,000 people, damaged or destroyed over 700,000 houses, and completely destroyed nearly 24,000 classrooms (via Karuna-Shechen). With your generous support we acted quickly to help our friends and children in need in communities that needed it the most. 

Relief materials for schools in Kalleri, Dhading district

The worst affected and in most need of help are poor remote parts of rural districts where many houses including schools have been levelled or damaged. So far most of the help has been focused on Kathmandu, whilst people in these areas, away from the front pages of news outlets, got very little help. With your contributions we could help locally in these hard-hit communities.

Thanks to Chhabi Rabhanat, our Nepali partner, and Deepak Bhujel and Sudarsan Simkhada, our Dhading coordinators, we identified 3 schools in the Kalleri area of Dhading district, which have all had their buildings partially or completely destroyed and have 237 students from very poor families.  As most of the students lack basic school materials and carry what little they have in hands, we got schools bags and stationery sets (notebooks, pens and pencils) for all. 

Shree Dhading Lower Secondary School Handover - 137 students (58 girls & 79 boys)

Shree Panchkanya Primary School Handover - 48 students (22 girls & 26 boys)

Shree Shivalaya Primary School Handover - 52 students (22 girls & 30 boys)

Home for Prashnta, Prabin, and Pradina

In the devastating April earthquake Prem - our chief sherpa on The Courage Journey Himalayas - and his family, as many others, lost their home. They then spent many nights sleeping in an impromptu tent in the streets of Kathmandu. This was especially hard on Prem's three children, 8-year old twins Prashnta and Prabin, and 12-year old daughter Pradina.

We helped Prem and his family rent a new home for several months and thanks to the generous support of our friends also paid the next year' school fees for Pradina, a very kind young girl, who cares enormously for her siblings and loves to study, read, and dance. 

Educational activities for orphan girls in Muktinath nunnery

On the Courage Journey Himalayas we visited the Garge Chyoling nunnery in Muktinath (3,710m), where the nuns take care of and educate 10 wonderful orphan girls, aged 7-14 years. 

In 2015, we ran an inspirational workshop for the girls using painting techniques. This was the first time they were painting and the flower art work they created was just stunning! 

Click here to read our report detailing our activities in Nepal in 2015.