We support and challenge individuals, leaders, organisations and communities to live authentically and to make courageous changes that positively impact life and the world.

Our leadership programmes are built on the latest knowledge in human development and change -  to allow participants to discover, learn, raise important life questions and to make immediate experience and personal growth possible.

Our programmes are open to individuals or groups who want to experience adventure, learning and fun in challenging but safe environment.  

When we meet life with a fearless and joyful heart, it transforms our relationship with everything.

When you decide to join  Courage Journey Himalayas,  be ready to dedicate yourself to continuous personal work.  Ideally the overall programme should be completed within the 3 months, including 16 days of immersion in  N e p a l.  

The programme is designed to help you courageously navigate your life with more self-awareness, and to enable self-reflection and discovery by integrating different layers of a journey - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It is built around 3 stages to catalyse positive sustainable changes:

Initiation (in 6 weeks pre-Nepal, online or offline depending on where you are located) - 4hrs (2x2hrs) of coaching conversations and innovative tools to articulate and analyse your situation and set direction for the Journey. 

Exploration (16 days in Nepal) -  The 16 days intense immersion in Nepal is carefully designed for change to happen. We work and explore as we trek on the Annapurna Circuit. (for more information see below)

Integration (in 5 weeks post-Nepal, online or in person depending on your location) - 2hrs (1x2hrs) of coaching conversations to internalise experiences and make them actionable.

On the Courage Journey we immerse in unfamiliar and challenging environments and engage in courageous conversations and activities with self, fellow adventurers, and local people. Before and after the immersion we use coaching and innovative tools for personal development to enable participants to analyse and understand their situation and internalise their experiences.  

We invite you on this multi-dimensional quest to raise and face critical questions, challenge current solutions and search for new perspectives.

Live and lead with courage!

Social impact is at the core of our business. Through our leadership programmes and foundation we want to make a tangible and sustainable impact in the local communities where and with which we work. To find out more about our social impact activities see the Foundation section.

Our team of coaches and passionate life pilgrims has world-class expertise in facilitating personal and system transformations and extensive business and leadership experience, including coaching hundreds of senior executives and high performing teams.

Accept the challenge, raise the hero in you, and join like-minded external-and-internal explorers on this Himalaya Journey of adventure, personal enquiry and innovation on the edge!

This is the best opportunity to learn more about yourself and to discover your mental, emotional and physical limits and resources. You can´t be a great leader unless you can lead yourself.
— Courage Journey Participant


The Courage Journey Himalayas is a 3-month leadership programme designed to help you know yourself better and enrich your leadership to make more impact.  It is built around 3 phases - initiation, exploration, integration - to catalyse positive sustainable changes.

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During the 16-day exploration phase in Nepal we enjoy the vibrant culture of Kathmandu and Pokhara as well as immerse in the stunning landscapes, picturesque villages and peaceful monasteries of the Annapurna Circuit, which provides incredible variety, ranging from sub-tropical through alpine forests to arid semi-desert, and crossing of the formidable Thorong La Pass at 5,416m. 

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Our Team

We are a UK-based company dedicated to supporting individuals and organisations to make wise, sound, meaningful and positively impactful changes and transformations. Our people have world-class expertise facilitating personal and business growths. We are life pilgrims and passionate explorers, and have walked many journeys including the courage journey of the Annapurna Circuit. 

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The Courage Journey is a unique opportunity to  significantly enhance peak performance capacity through ancient and modern inner technologies; deepen self-understanding, restore focus & reset inner compass; boost leadership potential with authenticity; expand own boundaries and impact in uncertain contexts; and enjoy a fun adventure full of achievement and new friendships.

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Courage is found in unlikely places.
— J.R.R. Tolkien