We support and challenge individuals, organisations and systems to make wise, sound, courageous changes that positively impact life and performance.   

Our international team has a wide-range of experiences and backgrounds - we are leaders, managers, consultants, educators, passionate life pilgrims and travellers. We love partnering with people and organisations and care deeply for human and earth well-being.

Our people have world-class expertise in facilitating personal and system transformations in a variety of settings across industries and geographies. We have extensive business and leadership experience, including coaching hundreds of C-level executives and high performing teams.

Katarina Schapiro

Leader,  explorer, passionate trekker, designer, confidant and thinking partner, world-class coach and guide to leaders and companies. 

Katarina accompanies  leaders and organizations to successfully and wisely transform and innovate themselves and their organisations with positive impact on people and the planet.  She graduated from HEC Paris, Oxford University, and holds an MA in Psychology and MSc in Transformation & Change. In her roles she offers extensive business background (consultant, business owner, top executive, CEO) and life experience (work with charities and non-profit organisations like UNICEF, being mother, wife, designer, avid traveler).  Katarina worked and lived with more than 40 nationalities in variety of business, social and geographical settings. 

Katarina believes nature keeps us simple, humble and joyful. 

Her colleagues, friends and clients appreciate how her humanism, courage, trust in others, crispy optimism and strong invisible presence catalyse deep processes within. She combines an intense curiosity and respect for people with a refreshing style and sense of humour. She is devoted to helping others stretch beyond their limits and achieve excellence and bottom-line results. People benefit from her unique mix of energy and sincerity via increased performance and satisfaction. They say that she creates an environment, which gives others space to think - and by being very honest, direct, yet humble - allows them to drop their inner guards, be vulnerable, courageous and see more clearly.

Katarina knows it takes courage to focus on what matters in life and the world, and leave behind what became obsolete.  Namaste!


Kristina Schapiro

Co-founder at Continuum Partners, Kristina is a Czech-Slovak born and London-based international strategy consultant, passionate about human and economic development, and professional globe-trotter. 

Kristina graduated from Oxford University and holds an MA in International & Development Economics from Yale University. She has been serving multinational companies, development organisations, governments, and social enterprises to address their most pressing challenges across Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. Kristina helps her clients grow sustainably, focusing on issues of commercial strategy, capability building, investment facilitation and economic development. 

Kristina is adventurous and multi-dimensional in her life and work. She is always discovering and expanding her horizon, whether working with leading global organisations or in some of the poorest regions of the world. Kristina has lived in multitude of countries, including Kenya, Malawi, Mexico, and Vietnam, and journeyed in many more from exploring India by train, hiking around the Sacred Valley of the Incas, to driving a black Jag across the US. 

Her clients, colleagues and friends admire how "she always takes a real joy in the world, has a deeply loving nature and is easy to open up to, and engages with new things and people with genuine interest and respect" ... "Kristina is a courageous, ambitious, passionate, and remarkably coherent woman" ... "She is utterly professional and dedicated, loves what she does, and is a source of optimism and motivation to those around her. I am particular impressed with her empathy and generosity to help, coach, and challenge others."

"Kristina has a unique capacity to bring people of different character, backgrounds and skills together to work effectively as one team, and make those around her feel comfortable and enjoy the experience no matter how tough it is."

Pramod Giri & Krishna Ranabhat

Our respected guides and leaders through the highest peaks and challenging treks in the Himalayas.                  

Chhabi Ranabhat

CEO and owner of partner trekking agency and respected professional, born bellow Mt. Annapurna, passionate social entrepreneur and leader in his field

Chhabi graduated from Tribhuban University of Nepal, in Business Management, and started his career in tourism as a Junior Account officer in the most reputed trekking company in Durbar Marg, Kathmandu, in 1992. After a stint as account manager, he was eager to know more about the field and set foot on the mountain trail to explore paths all over the Himalayas before setting up his own trekking agency. Chhabi has deep knowledge of the outdoor and office administration in the trek/tour & expedition field in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan & India.

He lives in Kathmandu with his family. He is Hindu by birth, but the grace and truth of all religions is deeply in his heart. Chhabi is actively involved in social work helping many homeless children at care homes - when still a graduate student, he started his own small project which is still active. He is a responsible tourist entrepreneur and part of the core group of Sustainable Tourism Network. Most of his friends settled in the western world but he still believes that a lot of good deeds can be done living in Nepal itself. 

Chhabi always aims for extraordinary results, moving ahead with innovative and creative ideas for the benefit of his many valuable and repeat clients from around the world. He is has a sociable, vivacious, helpful and kind-hearted personality with sound moral character. He always handles every situation with patience and dedication till the work is complete, and is an inspiration for his co-workers.

See you in the Himalaya!