Our passion is to empower people to live and lead with courage. On the Courage Journey we build bravery to go to the unexplored edges of our thinking, feeling and being, accelerating our quest for purpose, personal growth and authentic leadership. 

Why the Courage Journey?  

Courage is the strength to venture and persevere; it is the ability and willingness to confront uncertainty, fear, ambiguity and difficulty. Courage is a key character trait thanks to which we innovate ourselves and our surroundings and make positive changes. We began the Courage Journey project to bring more courage into everyday life and leadership.

The only way to know that your journey belongs to you, is to take it!

The courage to see things as they are …

As you walk through challenging environments you will meet face to face with your thoughts and emotions. You will notice and question your mental filters, schemes, programmes. Confrontation with a different reality help to shatter our learned patterns of perception and interpretation. It takes courage to simply observe and accept without any judgement.

The courage to let go …

We have designed Courage Journey programmes as a quest, a journey, a pilgrimage towards  yourself - where you literary (not only metaphorically) carry your own 'luggage'  yourself, to remind you what is essential for you. As you walk you start detox the ‘inner backpack’ and remove everything that is obsolete and to remove clutter to feel lighter, create space and expand on the inside.

The courage to go beyond the edge …

Unfamiliar and challenging environments offer an extraordinary and accelerated opportunity to test ourselves on the edge. When there isn't enough to go on on the outside, we need to tap into a new source of energy and oxygenate from the inside. 

The courage to start the change from within …

We can only lead others to the same level that we can manage ourselves; and to be in the right relationships with others, we must first be in the right relationship with ourselves. The Courage Journey will enable you to ‘walk the talk’ and sow the seed to begin transformation from the bottom up and inside out. If you want to light a fire, you first need to be on fire.

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.
— L.Tolstoy