The Courage Journey Himalayas is leadership programme built by experts in human development and change -  to allow you to discover, learn, raise important life questions and to make immediate experience and personal growth possible.

The 3-month programme ,  out of which, 16 days immersion in  N e p a l

is designed to help you courageously navigate your life with more self-awareness, and to enable self-reflection and discovery by integrating different layers of a journey - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It is built around 3 stages to catalyse positive sustainable changes:

Initiation (6 weeks pre-Nepal) - 4hrs (2x2hrs) of coaching conversations and innovative tools (archetype personality and enneagram tests) to articulate and analyse your situation and set direction for the Journey

Exploration (16 days in Nepal) - Intense immersion in unfamiliar and challenging environments on the Annapurna Circuit with courageous conversations and activities with self, fellow adventurers, and Nepali people (for more information see below)

Integration (5 weeks post-Nepal) - 2hrs (1x2hrs) of coaching conversations to internalise experiences and make them actionable

We run the Courage Journey Himalayas programme for individuals as well as organisations. If you are an organisation, please contact us to learn how the programme can be tailored for your team. 

To join was the best idea ever – eye-opening discoveries, inspirational exchanges, breathtaking sceneries, and hours of laughter. I sweated more on my inner journey than climbing Himalayan hills.
— Courage Journey Participant

What will you experience and do?         

Your very own Hero's Journey - the 16-day Himalaya immersion is designed around the Hero's Journey, which captures a universal cycle of transformation helping us to successfully navigate change

Powerful meditations to expand self-understanding and focus

Stimulating and provoking practices to build self-awareness, self- reflection and courage - to push your boundaries (activities will only be revealed on the way to give you an opportunity to experience authentic shifts)

Buddhist and Hindu rites and yoga exercises to energise and stretch body and mind

Empowering individual and group interactions to understand where you are in life and why certain things are happening to you

24-hr coaching opportunity with programme leaders

Trek of ~120km up to 5,416m on the stunning Annapurna Circuit far beyond your everyday world

Monastery and home stays and cooking to expose yourself and connect and share with Nepali people

Living in the Courage Journey community, in a circle where others will help you to clarify and reflect on your life

Silence of Himalayan nature to let you dive into yourself and listen with a deeper intensity to understand the questions and sensations that pop up

Daily journaling and reflections to reset your inner compass

Getting lost in enchanting temples, meandering through the vibrant life of Kathmandu, mind-soothing relaxation in lake-side Pokhara, indulging massage, reggae dancing and celebrations in iconic bars, breath-catching paragliding or zip lining, and much more!

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.
— Anaïs Nin