Impressions from participants of the Courage Journey:

To join was the best idea ever – eye-opening self-discoveries, inspirational exchanges, breathtaking sceneries, and hours of laughter.
Perfect programme, seamlessly executed with a fantastic team and with surprises every day.
I sweated more on my inner journey than climbing Himalayan hills!
You think, wow Himalayas, but can I make it? Well, I could with a great team. As Prem says, “I am your oxygen” - you were all my oxygen and I became my own oxygen! Unforgettable experience of a lifetime!
The best opportunity to learn more about yourself and to discover your mental, emotional and physical limits and resources. You can´t be a great leader unless you can lead yourself.
On the Courage Journey there is nowhere to hide, each moment is lived. A truly liberating experience.
The most spiritual adventure in my life so far!
Courage Journey is about putting things into perspective and having the time to realise what’s really important.
This journey has given me so much more than I could ever imagine! In fact you can´t really imagine what’s there, you need to trust and take some risks
and let go. I wanted a break and some time for myself - out of work and out of the ‘ordinary’. I was facing a lot of uncertainties and needed space and time. The intensity of our journeying has been raising questions and bringing answers so naturally.